When you think about it for a few minutes, we all realize that there is a significant annual expense regarding the production of marketing activities that an organization must perform in order to produce paid SEO or call to action (CTA) content or organic.

In order to support your marketing efforts, you need to look at conversion.

Inbound Content

Create content using blogs, newsletters, SEO strategies and promotions in the appropriate media. Typically, organizations will invest in paid SEO in calls to action in order to direct the prospect to an information page, an offer or other relevant actions..

Pro-Active Marketing Activities

Place CTA – Call To Action mechanisms at strategic locations on your website to direct your visitors to your form-containing landing pages. Your visitors will fill out your forms to access your content and become potential customers.

Acquire and nurture your future customers (Conversion)

At this stage of the sales funnel, chatbots work to intelligently respond to requests from your new and existing Facebook followers. Promotions are launched on Facebook Messenger and simultaneously on your website (optional). Users are referred to current promotions or any other relevant information: Coaching-training, surveys, referrals to information, transactionals.

Analyze your campaigns

Analyzing your marketing campaigns helps determine the adjustments needed to achieve greater success.

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