What can a chatbot be used for?

4 tips to enhance Client experience with a Facebook messenger bot

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Tip 1- Got to put in the effort

Whether you’re a small company, a medium-sized company, or even a large one, when it’s time to create a chatbot’s conversational dialogue, anyone working in content creation, story telling, will find that chatbot conversational routes are  dialogs with consumers need to be planned carefully. It’s a type of work that has parallels with programming/coding, where you need to concentrate and focus on workflow logics and make sure, in the end, that the whole process works correctly.

If you don’t have resources/staff specifically attached to that type of work which is creating chatbot logic conversations, you’ll find a lot of difficulty maintaining the whole solution or even the Chatbot environment.


It’s in the interest of any organization to concentrate on producing inbound marketing content align with a Marketing plan or, at least, a short term strategy. So, if you have promotions or posts material that have been already created you can re-use that content, modify it to create new asset. Not to forget that you need images, videos, sounds, brand logos, all the visual basic content assets to create your stories and your chatbot conversations.

But since organizations move in a fast pace, so do promotions/offers every week/month, you will need to have a Chatbot infrastructure able to sustain any type of promotions you want to do on a timely basis.

In the end, we want to keep score on who has consumed what, which promotion, wich conversational chatbot road the user took.  From there we can use this information for sequence actions or drip marketing type actions so that we can keep all prospects and customers informed regularely. Creating happy experiences and,  as an end result, creating customer retention should your ultimate goal.

More over, any marketing department whether you have lots or few resources, should focus on marketing content strategies for the coming weeks, months, and also having a year plan is a  good idea.

This will enable you to create ahead, all types of content, logos, images, texts, promos, everything you need to rapidly create your conversational workflows for your chatBot ressource, and that,  before your promotion deadlines.

Tip 2 – Difficult to attract and convert new prospects or online customers?

An organization might have a Facebook(FB) page with 100,000 members and might post regularly in their FB page. Remember that the problem is often the conversion rate, meaning that members might like  a Facebook page but don’t visit the platform that often or when they do, they missed the post or the promotion. Remember that promotions or any Facebook organic posts done by an organization goes into every member’s wall at the time of posting . The chance of having 100,000 FB members seing that post all at once is zero.

So, frequent posting is important enough to have a mechanism in place to make sure every member of  a FB page see the organic promotion you do, which would drastically increase any conversion rate and sales.

This is where a chatbot comes to play…

Tip 3 – No strategy to create pro-action on social networks.

Many organizations  may not have time to create promotions, contents, or any information pertinent to their business endeavors.  Before building a chatbot, it would be of a great value to consult with a marketing specialist. Someone like me here, at DSC Focus  or any organization you can  that have the competence, the knowledge and marketing skills to deploy strategies for optimal conversion mechanisms.



Tip 4 – No time to engage with online customers

Withstanding the covid pandemic is not a panacea, it’s beginning to be very difficult to do multiple jobs at the same time. There are so many hats anyone can wear.

Obviously if you have a hundreds of calls a day asking you  repetitive questions, stand certain, all questions will be answered automatically with your new chatbot.

Your chatbot will answer thousands of requests a day, isn’t it wonderful, now you can focus on other tasks that are important in your organization too.


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The Messenger check box below is an example of a call to action (CTA) embedded in a web page.  This link will bring the conversation directly into Facebook (Meta) messenger Platform. At this stage, once  in messenger the chatbot will work hard to keep your focus on  the offer.

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