Social Media Posts – Focus 3

$49.95 / month for 4 months and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Plan F3 allows you to ensure a regular presence in your social media

Organic Posts - Focus 3 includes:

Putting your existing advertising material into production, your messages, advertising Videos, URLs, and finally any functional hyperlink;
Production in the main media offered and their subsidiaries, if applicable: Facebook, Facebook Business Twitter, LinkedIn personal & business, Instagram, Google my business;

One (1) separate Post (URL) per day x 7 days x 13 weeks over a total period of 4 months.
Choice of broadcast time range per post for the duration of the subscription period.
Registration fees for this subscription are 100% credited in Focus Points in your wallet and from the last payment of your subscription


1 Dollar CAD = 1 Focus Point

91 publications (posts) per year without hassle


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