Step 2

Business Analyst

Surround yourself with a good pilot of IT experiences – a senior advisor, conductor capable of leading IT projects and having a lot of experience working with the internal resources of any organization

Ideally, surround yourself with a senior information technology advisor capable of piloting IT modernization projects. There are many specialties but a first reflex would be to find a business analyst capable of identifying, structuring, framing the scope of your IT projects, understanding your current situation and your future needs.

When we talk about a senior advisor with several years of experience, working as a business analyst in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) and business development, this can be an essential asset when we seek to surpass the competition

Preliminary analysis

Modernization requires business analysis. No matter the current situation of an organization, the preliminary analysis makes it possible to frame an IT modernization project, to identify the scope and the costs of implementing a technological solution according to the different challenges that an organization will have identified in the process.

Methodical statement of business needs

Supported by workshops within the various teams of the departments, the management, managers, employees and other relevant resources of an organization are involved in the success of the project.

Based on existing processes (Business Process), the analyst identifies irritants and potential improvements based on the main directions of the organization. He documents and ensures that all the elements are there in order to prepare the table for the implementation of the modernization project.


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