Step 3

Management governance

When preliminary analysis helps decision-making

By analyzing and documenting business needs, categorizing by priority what is of primary urgency versus essential needs and those at the end, which could be interesting, already, any organization gives itself a competitive advantage because it knows that the organizational improvement is inevitable and this will lead in increased performance and, by ripple effect, better motivation and  teams’ synergy supported by it’s management 

Many organizations are selling a software tool as the solution per se and unfortunately 2 out of 3 information technology projects fail.

Using a structured work approach, a recognized evaluation method, any organization ensures:

  • Target the best management tools based on your short, medium and long term needs.
    Obtain the best prices / quality in line with your needs identified during the design of your preliminary analysis file.
  • Find the best supplier compatible with your environment and able to understand your internal management needs.
  • For example, the best software for your organization can be selected but the fact that the supplier is located in Asia creates difficult communication times and whose strong criterion can eliminate this supplier.

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Four essential steps to the success of any business development management project using information technology

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