Step 4


DSC Focus 4.0 Concept

DSC focus is based on the ability to identify, qualify and be surrounded with specialists in information technology, but above all, the ability to evolve in marketing strategies.

The fields of IT expertise are vast, and the alignment with Marketing strategies can become difficult


The main points to remember from the preliminary analysis:


  • Knowledge of current affairs, assessment, documentation of business needs by working with internal teams to cover all facets of the organization;
  • Do the exercise of bringing internal knowledge (domain expertise) into the discussion regarding market issues;
  • Develop marketing strategies accordingly and implement processes that will create competitive advantages;
  • Document the advantages / disadvantages by supplier in order to identify the supplier (s) capable of meeting the identified business needs and who will contribute to the implementation of a winning management solution;
  • Bring effective management solution options. It must be remembered that it is business needs and marketing strategies that shape the solution in itself. The ability to study software tools on the market, to evaluate them according to new directions becomes the key to success for several years to come.

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